The time is now, and the world is the exact same world we live in, except the masquerade is extremely effective. Imagine waking up in San Antonio, and there is destruction everywhere. Sirens are going off at every block, and there is a constant stream of gunfire off in the distance, though bursts of that same gunfire seem to come from a little to close to home. You turn on the radio and the military is in full swing to close off the sight from all others. You are requested to meet in the center of town. A deadly pathogen is affecting everyone. The only problem now is that somehow you know that is a lie.

Welcome to Z-day. Zombies are taking over the streets of San Antonio, and the military, along with all other supernatural forces, are trying to hold back wave after wave of the undead. Who is behind this attack? The news says it is a terrorist bombing, the military says it is a training mission gone awry, and then there are the others that say it is something far more unexplainable. Will you take up the call and figure out what is going on? Or will you go into town, where the military is syphoning everyone for “shots” to keep the outbreak contained. There is also a safe haven in houston…would you go there to ride it out. The choice is up to you.

Z Day