Z Day

Chapter 1, Session 2

This session takes place at the same time as session one, yet adds 2 new characters in.

Melinda and Larry woke up much the same way as our other characters did, with 2 children screaming about something going on. They ended up making their way outside to see the same scene that the other 3 saw, as they only lived a few blocks away from our other protaganists. Grabbing their kids, Melinda and Larry decided to make their way to Jr and Ada’s house to make sure they were home. Unfortunately, their cell-phones weren’t working well due to the disturbance, and so when they made it to the house, and no one was there, there was no way to get a hold of Junior. Larry somehow got a signal and called into Melendez, a annex off of one of the bases in San Antonio, to get some sort of information on what might be going on. The man who answered, going only by Dave, told them that a bomb had detonated in the center of San Antonio, and was a training accident gone awry. He also informed Larry that the military was trying to sweep up the issue by sending everyone to the center of town for an “immunization against foreign agents” in the air. The injection, he said, was a placebo and a tranquilizer to get the people out of town to nearby houston, where they could be safe as there was no cure for this problem.

After being informed, Melinda and Larry started making their way to the center of town to see what Larry might be able to do to help out the military presence. They showed up at the same spot as Jr, Ada, and Marie where the military blockade was, yet were on the south side of the U-shaped blockade vs the other group’s northern parking. Larry went to speak with a few of the officers in the blockade to see what could be done to help, when the group openned fire on a group of people walking up the road. The 50-cal machine guns attached to the Hummers that made up part of that U unleashed thousands of rounds into the group, completely mowing down what looked to Larry like normal, defenseless people. Demanding to speak to a supervisor, Larry met up with a General Richard. The general had gotten out of his vehicle and made his way over to Larry, and explained to them that the best thing that Melinda and Larry could do to help would be get the shot and clear the “warzone.”

As Larry and Melinda got in the car, they spied Ada, Jr, and Marie leaving what looked like a lab facility, with a laptop and a briefcase of some sort. They figured their next plan of action was to meet the other 3 where they were. Unfortunately, due to phone signals, they were unable to reach the trio, and so went on blind faith that they could meet up with them. They start their drive to the other side of the blockade, using a round-about road since the blockade kept them from going across. When they got about halfway to the facility, Melinda noticed her brother driving in the opposite direction down the road. They made a quick U-turn and tried to follow after the other group, but unfortunately, the traffic was bad enough that they couldn’t. They finally make it to the turn back into their neighborhood and notice yet again, the trio driving in the opposite direction, this time with a police officer behind them. At this point, the kids are hungry, so Melinda and Larry decide the best thing to do would be to get some small supplies from the house and then try to meet up with the others.

As Melinda and Larry finish packing up the last of the supplies, they get a call from Jr saying that they are at the shopping center across from the wal-mart and to meet



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