Z Day

Chapter 1, Session 2

This session takes place at the same time as session one, yet adds 2 new characters in.

Melinda and Larry woke up much the same way as our other characters did, with 2 children screaming about something going on. They ended up making their way outside to see the same scene that the other 3 saw, as they only lived a few blocks away from our other protaganists. Grabbing their kids, Melinda and Larry decided to make their way to Jr and Ada’s house to make sure they were home. Unfortunately, their cell-phones weren’t working well due to the disturbance, and so when they made it to the house, and no one was there, there was no way to get a hold of Junior. Larry somehow got a signal and called into Melendez, a annex off of one of the bases in San Antonio, to get some sort of information on what might be going on. The man who answered, going only by Dave, told them that a bomb had detonated in the center of San Antonio, and was a training accident gone awry. He also informed Larry that the military was trying to sweep up the issue by sending everyone to the center of town for an “immunization against foreign agents” in the air. The injection, he said, was a placebo and a tranquilizer to get the people out of town to nearby houston, where they could be safe as there was no cure for this problem.

After being informed, Melinda and Larry started making their way to the center of town to see what Larry might be able to do to help out the military presence. They showed up at the same spot as Jr, Ada, and Marie where the military blockade was, yet were on the south side of the U-shaped blockade vs the other group’s northern parking. Larry went to speak with a few of the officers in the blockade to see what could be done to help, when the group openned fire on a group of people walking up the road. The 50-cal machine guns attached to the Hummers that made up part of that U unleashed thousands of rounds into the group, completely mowing down what looked to Larry like normal, defenseless people. Demanding to speak to a supervisor, Larry met up with a General Richard. The general had gotten out of his vehicle and made his way over to Larry, and explained to them that the best thing that Melinda and Larry could do to help would be get the shot and clear the “warzone.”

As Larry and Melinda got in the car, they spied Ada, Jr, and Marie leaving what looked like a lab facility, with a laptop and a briefcase of some sort. They figured their next plan of action was to meet the other 3 where they were. Unfortunately, due to phone signals, they were unable to reach the trio, and so went on blind faith that they could meet up with them. They start their drive to the other side of the blockade, using a round-about road since the blockade kept them from going across. When they got about halfway to the facility, Melinda noticed her brother driving in the opposite direction down the road. They made a quick U-turn and tried to follow after the other group, but unfortunately, the traffic was bad enough that they couldn’t. They finally make it to the turn back into their neighborhood and notice yet again, the trio driving in the opposite direction, this time with a police officer behind them. At this point, the kids are hungry, so Melinda and Larry decide the best thing to do would be to get some small supplies from the house and then try to meet up with the others.

As Melinda and Larry finish packing up the last of the supplies, they get a call from Jr saying that they are at the shopping center across from the wal-mart and to meet

Chapter 1, Session 1
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Today is October 31, and the whole world has changed. Our characters Junior, Ada, and Marie wake up to the shrieking of Steven and Sarah. Upon exiting the room, the characters realize that the wall facing the street in Steven’s room has crumbled, and that it looks like a bomb has gone off in decent proximity to the neighborhood that this family lives in. Junior notices Ada’s sister Matilda laying in the street bloodied, looking much like road kill. They can all here her crying, and so, scantily clad, the 3 characters and 2 kids run down the stairs to see what they can do about Matilda. They lift her into the back of a Plymouth Cruiser and decide to take her to the hospital. They only get a block away when they notice a school bus tipped over, and the smell of burning flesh is too much for them to bear. Ada freaks out, as do the kids, and Junior turns the car in the other direction to spare them the sight. Another couple blocks later, and Matilda starts screaming in pain. They pull over, and Matilda starts to attack Junior and Tina, but a well-placed punch from Marie knocks Matilda’s head right off her shoulders, but not before whatever happened to her seems to infect Steven.

A cop pulls over after spying Ada screaming and crying that her sister is dead, and calms down the situation. He calls in an ambulance for Steven, as he is starting to look ashen, and seems to be mumbling incoherently. The trio asks the police officer what has happened and all he tells them is that a bomb seems to have hit inside San Antonio city limits and people are starting to change. After trying to get any communication over cellphones, and much debating, Junior, Ada, and Marie decide that the best thing for them to do is to just take Sarah with them and try to figure out what is going on.

Pulling out of the neighborhood, they realize that there isn’t much gas in the car, so they go around the corner to the wal-mart to fuel up. When they get to their destination, they notice that looting has ensued at every single shop in the strip mall area. Police seem to be stretched thin, and all they can hear on the car radio is that the military is ushering everyone to the center of town for vaccinations against the pathogen that seems to be effecting people.

Junior, Ada, and Marie decide they need to further investigate what is happening. They take 1604 north until they get to the exit that takes them onto the far side of Culebra. Driving down Culebra, they notice that there is a blockade of military personel making a U-shaped dam off a side street. The blockade consists of 2 dozen humvees with the 50 cal attachment, and around 70-80 soldiers all shooting into the focus of this U. Upon further examination, the trio notices that the soldiers and humvees are focusing there fire upon a large group of humans that look much like Matilda looked.

Sarah starts groaning that her tummy hurts, so instead of dealing with the military blockade, they decide to duck into a genetics facility that happens to be on that road in hope that they can find something to ease Sarah’s stomach ache. Upon entering, they start looking around. While no medical kit of any kind can seem to be found, Junior stumbles upon some information in the computer database that has some sort of explanation of this ‘disease’ and how it can be counter-acted upon, though the serum that has been developed is in its beginning stages of testing. Ada finds a tranquillizer gun that seems to have this serum as an injectable cartridge for the gun. They grab it, in hopes that if they come in contact with this ‘bug’ that they will be more prepared.

As the group starts to leave the facility, a humvee pulls up from the blockade. Ada recognizes it as one of the vehicles from the blockade. A man steps out and walks into the facility, asking if the trio is supposed to be there. Through some fast talking on Ada’s part, they do not get found out that they know absolutely nothing about what is going, and is given a tidbit of information about the epidemic. The man identifies himself as Major Richard Johnson before he leaves.

Once the military presence is gone, Junior goes back to the computer system and downloads the whole database on to his laptop for further analysis in the future. During the download, Sarah starts acting funny, and lunges at Junior. Marie pulls the tranq gun from the case and fires one of the syringes at Sarah to hopefully sedate her, herself not knowing the contents of what is in the vial. Sarah convulses, starts throwing up blood, and screams in agony before crumpling over. Ada checks for vital signs. Sarah is dead. While the love for the child is overwhelming in Ada’s heart, the trio decides the best thing is to leave her behind. They decide to go back home, pick up what stuff they can, and figure out what is going on in this town. On their way back, Marie gets a call from her father. The news just reported another bomb on its way to San Antonio…


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